Choose your level of validation

Domain Validation (DV)

Domain validation only. Issued in minutes. Ideal for blogs, social media & personal websites.

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29.27 лв.

Organization Validation (OV)

Basic identity verification. Ideal for small business websites and pages accepting sensitive information.

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1,546.95 лв.

Extended Validation (EV)

Full identity verification. Ideal for Business & Ecommerce sites looking to provide maximum visitor confidence.

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291.84 лв.

What is SSL?

SSL Certificates are fundamental to internet security. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow data to be transmitted securely between a browser or user's computer and a server or website.

  • Establishes a secure connection between a browser and a server
  • Encrypts communication to protect sensitive information your customers provide to you
  • Places a padlock next to your web address in the browser
  • Authenticates an organization's identity

Standard SSL (Domain Validated) Certificates are the easiest and most common type of SSL certificate. OV and EV Certificates also authenticate the identity of the company or organization that holds the certificate providing more trust to end users.

With our SSL certificate services*, you won't need to take manual steps to configure and deploy new certificates every year. We generate a renewal order automatically when your certificate nears the end of its validity. After payment, we will automatically configure, validate, and provision your new certificate for you.

* Your domain must be hosted through the same hosting provider who sold the SSL certificate, and the server must use cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Establish trust and online security for your website visitors and business.

Google wants to make the web safer and a big part of that involves making sure that the sites people access via Google are secure. That's why websites using SSL have been shown to benefit from higher ranking in search results.

There's also a lot more reasons why you should consider adding SSL to your website:

Encrypt sensitive data
Protect user privacy
Secure online transactions
Prove legitimacy
Activate HTTPS and the lock icon
Increase SEO rank

Browsers have changed, don't get left behind

Web pages not served via HTTPS are now being displayed as ‘not secure’ in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Don't let your website be one of them. Add SSL today.

Secure your site in minutes with our fully automated provisioning and deployment

Help Me Choose The Right Type of Certificate

While the need for online security is universal, not all SSL Certificates are created equal. The guide below is designed to help you decide which type of certificate is right for you.

Domain Validation (DV)

  • Verifies ownership and control of the domain name only
  • Issued in minutes
  • Maintains browser compliance

Ideal for non-critical web pages

Think of DV like getting a library card—no confirmation of who you really are, very minimal requirements to obtain and issued very quickly.

Organization Validation (OV)

  • Enhanced validation including authenticating the identity of the applicant
  • Issued within one day
  • Maintains browser compliance

Ideal for more sensitive webpages such as login pages

Think of OV like getting a driver’s license—more hoops to jump through than a library card but more trusted as a form of identification.

Extended Validation (EV)

  • Standards-based approach to authentication, representing the highest level of authentication for SSL Certificates
  • Typically issued within 1-3 days
  • Maintains browser and other industry compliance

Ideal for sensitive webpages including ecommerce, online banking, account signups

Think of EV like getting a passport—much more stringent processes, longer lead times and more verification of who you are than with a library card or driver’s license. Recognized internationally as the most trusted way to verify your identity.

SSL Certificates


RapidSSL® сертификатите Ви помагат да подсигурите транзакциите на Вашите клиенти с до 256-битовo криптиране на данни и удостоверяване на сайт. Закупете сертификат и преминете бързо през записване, с автоматизирана домейн контрол валидация. Най-хубавото е, че нашите SSL сертификати са сред едни от най-достъпните в индустрията. Ние държим цените си ниски и Ви спестяваме разходи.

RapidSSL Wildcard

Сертификатите за RapidSSL® Wildcard ви помагат да подсигурите множество поддомейни с един евтин SSL сертификат, издаден на * Защитете личните данни на клиентите си с до 256-битово криптиране. Автоматизираното домейн контрол валидиране превръща удостоверяването на сайта Ви в детска игра. Ние вярваме в осигуряването на SSL защитата, която ви е необходима на конкурентна цена.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard

Secure your domain and all same level subdomains fast. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard certificates are one of the quickest ways to start protecting all your subdomains on a single certificate. Our automated email authentication process means you get your certificate in minutes. With QuickSSL Premium wildcard certificates, you get unlimited subdomains and on an unlimited number of servers - one certificate that will adapt as your business grows.

GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard

Опростете управлението на сертификатите с удобството на Wildcard сертификат. GeoTrust® True BusinessID Wildcard сертификати ви позволяват да подсигурявате множество поддомейни на един сертификат, което намалява времето за управление и разходите. Независимо дали става дума за начална страница на фирмата Ви или hostname на пощенски Ви сървър, защитата на чувствителната информация е вашата цел - а това също е и наша цел.

Symantec Secure Site

Вземете силна и икономична защита от първото име в сигурността. Защитете Вашите нетранзакционни и/или вътрешни сайтове с до 256-битово криптиране, без да харчите повече от необходимото.

Symantec Secure Site Pro

Укрепете сигурността на целия ви сайт с ECC криптиране и проактивна оценка на уязвимостта. Защитете своите транзакции, данни и комуникации с ECC, RSA и DSA алгоритми за най-силното криптиране, което можете да получите.

Symantec Secure Site EV

Добавете сила на увереност към сигурността и сайтовете си с визуални напомняния, че всяка секунда от всяко посещение е защитена. Уверете визуално своите посетители, че техните транзакции са защитени с RSA и DSA алгоритми. Всичко в един сертификат.

Symantec Secure Site Pro EV

Комбинирайте най-модерния алгоритъм за криптиране със сигнали за визуална сигурност, за увереност без съмнение. Защитете клиентите си с до 256-битово криптиране и 3 алгоритми, като същевременно осигурявате визуално доказателство, че те наистина са на сайта ви.

Multi-Year SSL Certificates

Multi-year certificates allow you to pay a single discounted price for two or three years of SSL certificate coverage. When you purchase a multi-year SSL certificate, you lock in a single price for up to 3 years of coverage.

Initially, you will receive a certificate that is valid for the Certificate Authority Browser Forum's maximum allowed term (1 year and 1 month) with the right to unlimited certificate reissues during the order period.

Automated reissuance will occur automatically throughout the term to ensure continued protection for your website.

For example, a 2-year SSL certificate order works as follows: SSL certificate lifecycle

SSL certificates must be revalidated periodically. The maximum certificate lifetime is 13 months, requiring revalidation annually.


  • Enjoy increasing discounts for each year of coverage that you purchase.
  • Remove the hassle of annual billing.
  • Annual validation. Yearly validation of identity in shorter validity certificates prevents potential fraud and spoofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates enable data encryption on the internet and allow data to be transmitted securely from a web server to a browser. With SSL, your website can use the https protocol and will display a padlock in end users web browsers to indicate the connection is secure.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are an essential part of the internet. They not only encrypt communication between your computer and the server where a website is located, but they also provide verification that a site is what it claims to be.

What are the different types of SSL?

There are 3 different levels of vetting that SSL Certificates are based upon. Domain Validated (DV) , Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). The major difference between the types of certificate relates to the information the Certificate Authority, RapidSSL, GeoTrust and DigiCert, requires and validates in order to issue a certificate. The higher levels of certificate require more information, and often is displayed in the browser bar. EV SSL for example turns the browser bar green and displays the organization name to visitors to generate more trust.

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard SSL certificate provides the same encryption and authentication features as other SSL certificates but can also be applied to an unlimited number of subdomains of a website. A Wildcard SSL certificate supports the root domain ( as well as its subdomains. Learn more

What are the advantages of an EV SSL Certificate?

EV or Extended Validation certificates are the highest class of SSL available and give the most credibility and trust to your website. EV assures consumers that their personal and financial information is protected at the highest levels of authentication. Additional verifications are performed, such as corporate agency record checks, applicant contact info, and whether the business has existed for a minimum of 3 years. EV certificates are best suited for business-critical webpages.

Our SSL certificates are from some of the most trusted brands in Online Security.